Jane’s gone – finally!

7 11 2007

Thank goodness Jane finally got voted off tonight. I think I seriously would have had to boycott the show if she managed to stick around another week. Now if next week we could boot off Marie, then maybe I’d be in heaven.  Oh and speaking of Marie, her dad died today which is sad, I know, but maybe she’ll be too sad to dance anymore, that’d be nice, and then maybe Cheetah girl could come back.

In other celeb news, Brit now has to pay KFed’s lawyer bills – $120,000 of them!  Whoa, maybe Brit Brit should start pulling her life together so she won’t have to spend so much time in the courtroom.  Um, what else did I see today – I think Wonderland is being forclosed, Heidi Klum and Seal did something (they were on Perez and TMZ), all the writers are on strike, and Blackout is being beaten by the Eagles.

In other important life news – Holiday drinks are back at Starbucks (ask for your eggnog extra reduced and you’ll save about 80 calories).